Sydney Data Extracts

City Data Date accessed GeoJSON CSV KML
Sydney Buildings 15th July, 2017 syd-building.geojson syd-building.csv syd-building.kml
Sydney Schools 15th July, 2017 syd-school.geojson syd-school.csv syd-school.kml
Sydney Hospitals 15th July, 2017 syd-hospital.geojson syd-hospital.csv syd-hospital.kml
Sydney Banks 15th July, 2017 syd-bank.geojson syd-bank.csv syd-bank.kml
Sydney Fast Food 15th July, 2017 syd-fast_food.geojson syd-fast_food.csv syd-fast_food.kml

About our data

Our data extracts are sourced from the amazing OpenStreetMap project (OSM). We extract, filter and convert the data from OSM on a regular basis and make it available in easy-to-use formats.